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Saturday, July 30, 2011
  Santa Fe To Albuquerque

We rolled out of the hotel individually, buyers on coagulated into large groups. We had great tailwinds and some descending for miles. We were spending a lot of time over 20 mph. There was some chip seal which I didn't like (I got hit in the face with a chip). We had some smooth fresh pavement and we had clean shoulders.
We had a great descent after the first rest stop, some flat areas and we went through a couple one horse towns. I got a slow leak flat about 3 miles before the second rest stop. I tried to ride with my weight as far back as possible. My odometer was slightly off, but I knew I was close. With the flag in sight, I could tell there was no more air in the tire, but the rim was riding on the tire, so I just rolled in.
Phil helped me fix it, but everyone who saw me was aware of how many flats I had yesterday, so I was taking some ribbing. My tires were pretty shredded at this point and weren't doing much to protect my tubes, but I only had 40 miles or so to go and I didn't want to buy new ones. From that rest stop, I had started drafting Bruce, but I just couldn't keep up. I made it the 12 miles to the next stop. It was downhill from there, but I was alone. I missed the "hidden right turn" at the Travelodge. I saw the Travelodge, but I thought I had to go another mile or two. I made a right a couple miles further and was able to pick up the bike trail. I have to say, Albuquerque has a great trail system.
At the hotel, lunch was leftovers, we were really early, so rooms weren't available. Lon encouraged us to pack our boxes by 4 pm, but I think we were done by 2. I showered and Barb gave me a massage. I didn't want to be sitting on a train for two days with sore legs. I then explored old town Albuquerque. They were also prepping for a concert in the square, but we were having our PACTour banquet from 6 to 8 at Little Anitas. The slideshow was great, I hope Susan sends out copies. We had a great time. Susan gave out the plaques and she really should have been a stand-up comic. Kevin Kaiser won the official Map signed by everybody on the tour for $1200 at auction. The proceeds go towards the charity work that PACTour does in Peru.

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