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Friday, January 07, 2011
  Scheduling Issues

Hi, My name is Lou and I am a Brownie Troop Leader...

Hi Lou

Last summer, we learned my Daughter had to move up to Brownies, but the current Brownie Troop at our school was moving up, so she would have had to join a troop at another school. I volunteered to lead a troop and have been a leader for several months now.

There's an event the girls have been looking forward to for awhile called World Thinking Day. When I made my sports schedule, I failed to look at the Girl Scout schedule. Bike Sebring is February 19 - 20 and I convinced the family that they should come down with me and they can go to Disney while I'm racing. A couple days ago, I rechecked the date for the World Thinking Day and realized it is either the 19th or 20th. As of the last communication, they hadn't locked down the date. So...I definitely cannot go, and yes, I would rather ride my bike for 24 hours than spend 3 hours in the midst of a gaggle of girls. Now, the family will have to decide if they are staying home so Q can attend the Girl Scout event or if they are coming down to FL for a mini Disney Vacation.

Another conflict has come up as well. I would like to do a triathlon in Webster, Mass with my dad, and cousin. The race website doesn't have a 2011 date set yet. I've found on other websites that it is scheduled for June 18th or 19th, but I don't know if that's definite. I've already signed up for the National 24 Hour on the same date. ARGH.

Finally, my dad has signed up for the JSM Cheap, Fast, and Not So Easy on Memorial Day weekend. If I were to do that, the kickoff, and the 30K TT, I would be traveling up to Jersey 3 weekends in a row. That's a lot of driving.


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