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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
  Got My Exercise This Weekend

Friday night, I drove up to the In-laws to pick up the wife and kids. We headed down to Luray, VA to camp at Jellystone. It was a 2 hour drive and we were about 10 minutes from the campground when TGL started screaming, then vomiting. We had to pull over and get her cleaned up, at which point ABL mentions that T was burning up when she woke her up from her nap...

I set up the tent in the headlights of our ESCAPE, then I put Q inside and had her pump up the air mattresses. After about 5 minutes, she called for backup and RJ trudged out.

In the morning, We walked down to watch Yogi at the flag raising. Then, ABL took T and went in search of an urgent care facility in Luray, while I took the kids to Laser Tag, Paddle boats, miniature golf. Whew I was exhausted and sweaty. We went back to the campsite and I fed them. ABL still wasn't back yet, so I convinced the kids we needed a little down time and I napped. ABL arrived about 30 minutes later and I continued napping while she took the two older ones to the craft time with Boo-boo. I slept in the tent with T. When they came back, I took RJ and Q to the water slide and pool, while ABL stayed with the sleeping baby.

Saturday, the Gornicki's moved in to the site next to ours, their daughter bragged about their pop-up having a bathroom, kitchen, and TV. At which point my daughter replied, "yeah but we have a tent..." Then the daughter asked why we didn't have a golf cart... ("cause we're not lazy?" I thought to myself) I'll concede that it is a bit of a hike uphill to get to the hiking trail and laser tag and it is a bit of a hike to get downhill to the miniature golf and paddle boats and pool, etc. But, the bathrooms were just 300 feet away.

Later that night, I tried to start a fire, and I burned through a bunch of paper and kindling and couldn't get these logs to light. So the Gornicki daughter came over and told me that to start a fire you really need Lighter fluid. She was getting really annoying and my pride was starting to take a hit but she brought over the lighter fluid and then a lighter when I ran out of matches...I swallowed my pride and used the lighter fluid because my kids really needed those Smores.

Sunday, we woke up early and packed camp. I finished while the kids went down to see Yogi raise the flag again. Then we went to Luray Caverns; which Q said she would not go into, but she really liked once we were inside. We found a brochure for a roller rink family fun center in Woodstock (directly on our route home) so we stopped there and had a picnic lunch in their parking lot. It wasn't going to open for another hour and the hours on Sunday are rather short, so we couldn't stick around to see the inside. We did however stop at James and Trish's on the way home and the kids played with her nieces (Ericka and Lacey) in the pool.


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