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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
  Highs And Lows

I saw Ironman 2 today and it was awesome. When I got home, my wife informed me that an alleged violent sexual predator was transferred into our local school from a nearby school.

So, the rumor is a 5th grader at a nearby school pulled a knife on another student and demanded a BJ. He is also accused of a similar crime on school property after hours during a sporting event. I sat through an hour long bullying seminar at our school to find out why we as parents were not informed of the transfer. The Principal read a prepared statement. The Principal admitted that there was an ongoing police investigation and that Fairfax County Public School system was conducting an investigation of it's own, but told us due to confidentiality she could not alert us to the situation. Her defense was "We have to trust her to keep our children safe." and, "Your children are safe."

So, Police Investigation, School investigation, but no warning to the parents. The school counselor did say that this was a good time to remind our kids about good touch, bad touch...

I just found out that the parents at the other school received a written warning that a police investigation was under way regarding an incident that occurred on school grounds after hours. Why were we not informed? I also have to say, that I was getting very aggravated by the lack of empathy coming from the school administrators. I wanted to get right up in their faces and warn them that if anything happens to my little girl, there'd be hell to pay. I love my daughter dearly and I will do anything to protect her.


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