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Friday, April 30, 2010
  Second Clinic Visit...

Went well. Creatinine 1.9, potassium is down, but still a little high (the docs prescribed a medicine for that), phosphorous is low (I'm supposed to eat more dairy).

I gotta tell ya, I'm feelin' good. I'm dyin' to get back on the bike, but I have to wait a little bit more.

The doc said medically speaking, I can drive, but legally speaking is another story. He explained it this way: If I were to get into an accident and the other person was completely at fault but got a good lawyer, that lawyer would argue that I just had major surgery and was under the influence of painkillers, so I should share 1% of the blame, but in reality, there's no 1%. 1% becomes 50%. So, I need to be off the painkillers for a good long time before I should drive. Wednesday was my last percocet (and it was only one around mid-afternoon) the rest of the day was tylenol. Ten years ago, they told me that they were worried about me applying brake pressure in an emergency stopping situation (but maybe with power brakes that no longer applies).

Which brings me to another point, I think maybe all that cycling raised my pain tolerance...When I was in the hospital, and in my right mind, I was applying the dilaudin every 30 minutes or so, but the pain management team suggested every 10 minutes...I really wasn't in that much pain. It sounded to me like they were a bit surprised.


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