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Sunday, November 15, 2009
  I'm So Ready For This To Be Over

In the span of two weeks, I lost a baby and a cousin. Davita kicking me out of the home hemo program felt like they were kicking me when I was down. I was hurt and angry and I wasn't thinking straight. I wasn't really thinking at all. Davita pulled the machine out of my house this friday. I felt some relief, but Saturday at dialysis, I saw a page out of my chart from the home hemo program and there was a gross exaggeration (a lie) on it from Eva Dwyer, the home hemo nurse.

I started putting the pieces together after I saw that. One of the first things Eva taught me was that she had the power to send me back in center. She often repeated it to me throughout training. My doctor hadn't seen me in over a month, so he could only go by what Eva told him, and I didn't have any interaction with the other staff at Davita. Also, Eva scheduled a meeting on Monday, November 2nd, I couldn't make it and told her that the thursday or friday before the meeting. We rescheduled for Tuesday November 3rd. She neglected to tell the doctor beforehand, so I got a frantic call from her sometime Monday begging me to come in for the meeting, then Tuesday when I showed up for the meeting, she said, "you really should have showed up yesterday, the doctor...(my memory is fuzzy here, I think she said, "wasted an hour of his time waiting for you to show up."). Then in the meeting, she was the one pointing out all the things she felt I was doing wrong.

Most of my anger is gone now, but I still harbor some towards Eva. I have to apologize to the woman who runs the Davita Fairfax facility, I was rather rude on the phone with her last week. I also plan on telling the doctor that it was Eva who wasted his time and not me. I'm still planning on going back to Metropolitan Nephrology.


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