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Saturday, October 31, 2009
  Rough Time

A little over a week ago, ABL and I found out that we lost a baby. ABL was 12 weeks pregnant, this would have been our 4th child. Several hours later, we found out that our friends lost a 2 month old baby. The baby was lying on a couch and suffocated. A couple days later, I was in at the dialysis center and was told my lab values were all out of whack, most likely because I was only averaging 5 treatments per week when I was supposed to be doing 6 treatments per week. A day later, I found out that my mom's cousin Sammy had a heart attack and died. I decided to bring my dialysis equipment to New Jersey for the funeral for two reasons. One, I wanted to take a short trip with the equipment to make sure I could do it. If it turned out that I left something home or was unable to dialyze properly, I'd be home again the next day and could visit my home clinic to get fixed up. Two, I wanted to make sure I got my 6 treatments in.

Dialysis didn't go smoothly in New Jersey. I'm not sure what happened, maybe my scale got knocked around, I don't know, but I must have taken off too much fluid and I ended up passing out. I had my mom supervising (ABL was unable to make the trip) and she freaked out. She called my Aunt Toni who came running. I was able to stop the dialysis and give myself saline. I dialyzed for another 20 minutes or so, but I just didn't feel right, so I pulled myself off early.

I told the dialysis nurse about the incident and now I'm getting called in to a meeting with the Nurse, the director of the dialysis facility, the doctor in charge of the dialysis facility, and my nephrologist. They want ABL to take off from work to attend.I made a mistake and I'll admit it, but the incident was handled the same way it would have been handled had ABL been there. I won't do it again.

I have a big problem with this meeting they want me to attend, it sounds suspiciously like I'm getting called in to the Principal's office.


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