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Thursday, September 24, 2009
  First Day Of Interbike

I arrived at Interbike sometime around 11am, by noon I was thrilled to be here, by 1pm, I was desperate for it to be over. I came straight from the airport, so I was carrying my luggage. I had to get another bag for all the schwag and catalogues I was collecting. By 2pm, my dogs were barking and I needed to finish up the expo. It was very much like a climb, I look over and say to myself, there's the end, then you come around a corner and realize you've got a whole 'nother climb to go. By 3pm, I was crisscrossing the floor to make sure I hit the booths I needed to...It's 4pm and I need lunch or dinner (whatever).

Early on, I bumped into Mike Fritz and Brent two former colleagues from WAVECREST. I also saw Eric Feller, but I knew he was going to be here. I stopped in to a seminar and who should sit down next to me but Jonathon Nathanson. I swung by Hammer Nutrition to say hi to Steve Born and I got a picture of Steve Hed.

Big disappontment, Trek's not here. Bigger disappointment, Chris Carmichael isn't here. Minor disappointment, RAAM isn't here.

I'm tired. I'm in the lower level charging up my laptop and figuring out what my next move will be. I definitely need food. Do I walk the 4 miles back to my hotel or take the monorail?


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