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Sunday, August 02, 2009
  NXSTAGE System One

During training, I'm only dialyzing 5 days per week, which means my WEEKENDS are free. WAHOOO. I haven't had a free weekend in awhile. My parents were down last week to help out, so I sent my kids back with them to NJ. I rode my Litespeed on a trainer Saturday morning (I used a heart rate monitor to get the most from the workout) and ABL and I drove up to NJ with TGL later that day. We drove straight to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights.

I have a love hate relationship with Seaside Heights. I love the smell of the salt air, the smell of sausage & peppers cooking on the grill at Midway, and the taste of pizza at 3 Brothers, eating ice cream from Kohrs. I dislike the crowds especially when they're smoking heavily. We sometimes go down to the Boards in the off-season, although the rides, games, and most of the restaurants are closed, it's so much nicer in my opinion without all the people. Q ended up in the ocean, even though the beaches were closed, while RJ went on rides.

We were hoping to go to the waterpark today, but the weather report called for scattered thunderstorms. My parents took the kids to a beach on the bay instead.

We stopped in Perryville, MD to do a little shopping, then picked up our babysitter in Woodbine. So, today was a long day.


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