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Friday, August 07, 2009
  Common Sense Weight Loss

A friend of mine (we'll call her Pinkie, yes that makes me the Brain) has been asking me to help her lose weight for a couple months now, but I've declined. I'm not really a coach or trainer, which is why I've said no, but yesterday she stopped in at the house and pleaded with me to help her lose her belly. I took pity on her and said yes.

The first thing we did was check her weight (60.7 Kg) because we need to know where she's starting, in Kilograms (my new scale for dialysis is accurate and in kilos), since she's not fluent in the conversion, she won't obsess over her weight. Second, I had her do some pushups (1) and situps(40), so we'd know where she was starting from.

I'm thinking next, we'll have her record her food choices for a week. My guess is that she's drinking coffee for breakfast and she's skipping lunch (or eating a crappy lunch). Once we see what she's eating, we'll plan some menus for her. We don't want to put her on a starvation diet, we just want to limit some of her caloric intake. Swap out coffee, soda, and juice for water. Make sure that her meals have the proper balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates so that she'll feel full and get a good meal.

As everyone knows, the secret to weight lose is to make sure that your food intake is below your activity level, so we'll find little ways to help her move more. I think I'm going to recommend that she take a walk around her building during her lunch break (a 30 minute walk will burn about 105 Calories). With her long work hours and young kids at home, it'll be tough to fit in exercise for her during the week, but maybe she'll be able to find some time on the weekends. Of course, taking the kids swimming counts, running around with them at a playground counts, etc. We'll also have her work on building muscle first, because muscle burns fat, For the record, a pound of fat is roughly 3500 calories.

So, I'll keep you updated on her progress. Anybody that wants to follow along and lose a little weight is welcome to write your goals in the comments.


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