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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
  "You've Got Your Next Patient Lined Up, Right?"

"Uh no, not yet."
"You might want to get on that."

Home Hemo Training is going very well. Placing the needles is a lot less painful when you do it yourself, I wish they'd told me that earlier on. When I started on Monday, they dumped a ton of 3 ring binders and paperwork on me. I was able to get through most of it Monday night and finished the rest on Tuesday. They started quizzing me on the material on Wednesday. I think Thursday we'll cover possible complications and emergency procedures. It's supposed to take 3 weeks to cover all this material and we've done it in one week.

They won't graduate me early, but they are very impressed. Honestly, my home entertainment system is much more complicated to wire up and operate than the dialysis machine. I'm really looking forward to the freedom this NXSTAGE dialysis machine will provide. Already I can see a benefit, the treatment times are shorter, so it's much easier for me to tolerate. I don't care that it's more days per week, what matters to me is how long I'm stuck in the chair. Four hours in a chair at the dialysis clinic feels like forever.



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HI Lou
Glad you are doing well on home dialysis. Cant wait to see all of you on wednesday.Love mom
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