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Monday, May 11, 2009
  The Next Generation

I took Q for a ride yesterday. We rode roughly 4 miles into Reston on the W&OD, then we rode up the Lake Fairfax Trail to the Athletic fields. When we first left pavement, Q got stuck in a giant mud puddle, shortly after that, she freaked out on a downhill and took her feet off the pedals. She's on a bike with coaster brakes, so that was a bad thing. She started bouncing around out of control. She was able to get back under control, but not before visions of her tumbling head over heels down the hill filled my head.

After that, she maintained control on the descents and got off and walked around the mud puddles. She still had to push her bike up most of the climbs, but she did awesome for her first time off-road.

I called ABL for a SAG as soon as we got to the Athletic Fields, Q was tired and I thought it was too late to make it back the way we came. We did a lap of the campground to check out where we might like to camp the next time we go. We rode over the Dam towards the Water Mine and since ABL wasn't there yet, we rode out towards Baron Cameron.


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Please make sure my granddaughter is safe when she rides.
Love mom
We were all set to ride in heavy traffic today, now what am I going to do...

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