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Saturday, April 11, 2009
  It's Been A Long Week

Fairfax County was on Spring Break this week. I planned a week of activities for the kids. Monday was paint your own pottery, which went badly. Except for the hassle of having to carry TGL the most of the time (there was too much fragile pottery within her reach that I couldn't let her loose for very long), the painting was ok, but we made an unscheduled stop at Burger King which went horribly wrong. The Burger King lady on the register must have hit a button twice, because I got two of the same meals, I complained and they refunded one of the meals, but they shortchanged me $1 on the refund. When the food came, they didn't give me the toys that were supposed to go with the kids meals. With 5 kids under my care and another 4 on the trip (with 2 adults), getting the toys was an emergency.

The two mothers that were with me experienced similar problems. One asked for a kids chicken meal and got cheesy tots which is listed as a breakfast item on the BK website, since it was in a similar package as the chicken, my guess is it had sat there all day(it was 2pm). Of course, she didn't get the kids toys that were supposed to go with the meals she ordered. She also didn't get the cups for the meals she ordered.

The other mother didn't get the drinks for the meals she ordered.

We had 9 kids (8 running around, the littlest was 6 weeks old) and I had to make about a dozen trips to the register to fix something that BK screwed up, which put a lot of pressure on the two mothers to keep the kids in check.

Tuesday we went to Pump-It-Up in Leesburg for the open play time. Since TGL is 1, they wouldn't allow her on the inflatables. Whatever...

Wednesday was Bunny Bonanza at the Heritage Farm museum where they had about a dozen bunnies and 12000 kids.

Thursday was a hike/picnic at Difficult Run Trail. I had TGL in a front pack and our food and drinks in a backpack. I was pretty beat way before we got to the end of the trail. RJ and Q wanted to take the little trails that branched off the main trail and for some strange reason, they wanted to cross the stream. There were some high school kids (juniors I think) that stripped down to bathing suits and were walking from rock to rock in the stream and eventually, when they ran out of rocks, they started wading in the water.

I had something planned for Friday, but by Friday morning I was beat (I increased my blood pressure meds recently and the side effect is fatigue), TGL was beat, and RJ needed a break, so we stayed home.


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