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Monday, March 02, 2009
  Cookie Taster

Q and I had an amazing night out at the Pierpoint Restaurant in Baltimore. It was an alumni get-together for my Alma Mater, Stevens Tech organized by Dawn Madak. Chef/owner Nancy Longo, lead a class on cooking italian food. First she went over the recipes and Q quickly became bored and started flipping ahead "Dad, I already read that page..." Then Q started playing with the camera.

Soon we were supposed to break into groups to start cooking and Q was chompin' at the bit to get started. Q and I went to the Ravioli station.

"Put your back into it kid." (click for larger images).

She started out cranking the handle, as someone else fed the dough through, then Q would grab the finished product, place it on the table, spritz some flour over it, pat it down, and then move it to the side. She'd then repeat the process stacking as she went. Then we'd crank the rollers closer together on the pasta machine and repeat the process. After rolling the first two pieces to the final thickness. The dough went down on the table and started getting an egg wash and then the fillings. Q couldn't wait and kept pushing to get the other pieces of dough through the machine, but we had no place to put the finished pieces. She also got to use the ravioli stamper to cut the finished raviolis out of the strip.

She wanted to help out so bad, that she would wander around and stare at people as they were doing their tasks. I found her in the kitchen at one point watching them fry up the beef scallopine and another time watching them fry the prosciutto wrapped shrimp...I got her to stir the salad dressing as they were making it.
Q is also a budding photographer and took the following pictures(and also the first two):

When we finally sat down to eat what we had created, I was really proud of her because she tried a little bit of everything. After dinner, Chef Nancy asked for her little helper and Q sprang out of her seat. Chef Nancy melted chocolate for Bombolicino, while Q stirred an egg mixture. Then she had Q drop chocolate truffles into muffin tins. The eggs were added to a flour mixture, then the melted chocolate was added slowly to the mix, and then it was poured into the muffin tins on top of the chocolate truffles. While it was cooking, Q helped plate it. She spread Caramel sauce over the plates.
When the cakes came out and made their way onto the plates, Q started serving people, grabbing two plates at a time and handing them out.

Even though she tried a little bit of everything, she didn't really eat, so as soon as we got into the car, she yanked out a lunchbox that ABL had packed for the occasion and she started munching away.


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that looks like a load of fun! and the pictures kids take... it's interesting to see the world through their eyes, eh?
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