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Thursday, February 26, 2009
  Night Rider

I went out on a MORE ride a couple weeks ago. It was a 6:30 pm ride at Wakefield Park. There was just two of us at the start, me and the ride leader - Joe. I've never been to Wakefield and I'm a newbie on a mountain bike, so Joe told me he'd keep it at my pace and show me around the park.

I was using my Dinotte 1W LED light, which is adequate on the road and which falls really short in the woods (emphasis on 'falls').

I was seriously overmatched by the terrain. Within 5 minutes, I found myself bouncing along the ground on my shoulder. When I came to a stop, I was on my side on wet rocks wondering what the hell had happened. I had hit the bottom of a little creek wrong and had gone over the handlebars. That would pretty much summarize the rest of my night. The trail was challenging, with logs to hop over, rock gardens, small wooden bridges, not to mention trying to keep up with Joe.

About ten minutes into the ride, another rider caught up to us and he decided to ride with us. His light was soooo bright...
"How bright was it?"
It was so bright that I was casting a shadow and my light could barely illuminate the shadow area. When he'd turn his head, or fall behind, the light level would drop off suddenly and I wouldn't be able to see a thing until my eyes got used to the lower level my light was pushing out.

I had a great time and am looking forward to going again (with a better light). I've done some research and it looks like a more powerful light would normally run $300 - $400. I could possibly sell them on my website so I could get them at cost, but then I started doing a little research and it looks like I could build a pretty cool light for $70.


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