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Thursday, February 12, 2009
  I Am What I Am

I recently joined Facebook. I've had a Myspace page for years, but I wasn't very active with it. With Facebook, I've found friends from long ago, from grade school even; and I'm forced to look at my self through the mirror of my friends.

Some friends had expectations of what I would do with my life. None of them would have expected me to become a stay-at-home dad, but that's what I am. I don't like the term "stay-at-home dad". I love my kids, but I wouldn't have told you I was going to be a stay-at-home dad when I was in High School. I tell myself, they are my friends and will accept the choices I've made. Then I tell myself, it doesn't matter what they think as long as I am happy with my choice. I've made my peace with that choice.

Looking among the pictures of my friends, they've driven race cars, climbed mountains, traveled the world. I need to keep in mind that I'm looking over the experiences of multiple individuals and seeing the best experiences that each had. Also, from the outside, my life would look just like theirs. But I am a bit jealous.



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Lou you are an accomplished man. You have made a great life for yourself and your family.You raced in transplant games and won metals, you raced accross america on your bike a gruling event and I admired your stamania 1500 miles. You have an MBA and you have very good business ideas you started a successful company and sold it at a very good profit. and you have an internet company which is successful. you are not just a stay at home dad.You take very good care of you children better then I ever did. Your children are well behaved and polite and sweet.Sometimes its harder to take care of children and a house & all the work you do at the house and be sick. i'm proud of you. and you should be proud of your accomplishments.I have always said that if my kids turned out ok that was my success. And you are a success in my book
you have been to Paris and russia germany poland vienna,canada, you learned racing cars in canada,and won a metal for a bike race.youhave been to venezuela, barbatos,florida and accross the country many times. you have nothing to regret.you are a good person and a good husband and father. you have nothing to be jealuos about
I know what you mean, Lou. For example, I have this one friend who went to Russia when we were kids, started his own company, rode his bike across the USA, competed in the most grueling bicycle race known to man... twice, competes in Olympiads on foreign soil and has a beautiful wife and kids who love him very much. I could go on and on. Oh, I would point out many of his accomplishments occurred on "used parts" as he likes to say. In fact, I check in on his blog regularly to see what he will do next. -Richie
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