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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  Letter To Shad Ireland

Hi Shad,

We have a lot in common. I'm about a year older than you, I was also diagnosed with MPGN in 1986. My kidneys failed and I received a transplant from my mother in 2000 at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. I made my first trip across the country by bicycle in 2001, it was a tour and we averaged 130 miles a day for 26 days and crossed from Everett, WA to Williamsburg, VA. I was 40 lbs heavier from the prednisone, but I loved every minute of it.

I then raced on a 4 person team in the Race Across America(RAAM) in 2005 and we crossed from San Diego, CA to Atlantic City, NJ in 7 days 14 hours and 39 minutes. I tried racing solo in the 2006 RAAM, I crashed north of Flagstaff and broke some ribs and had to leave the race. I also tried the solo RAAM again in 2007 but I was pulled from the race in Kansas for missing a mandatory time cut-off. My kidney function started dropping in late 2007 so I was unable to train for the 2008 race. However, I was able to support a rider during the event.

My transplant finally failed in August of 2008 and I have been on dialysis ever since (Davita In Center Hemo). I've been a member of my local National Kidney Foundation Speaker's Bureau and have given talks on kidney health in the DC metro area; however, I am not currently active. I publish a blog, "The Transplant Athlete" which I don't have the heart to change to "The Dialysis Athlete".

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, give me a call (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and we can go for a ride. If you need help with logistics or support, let me know, I'll be glad to help.


Lou Lamoureux

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I've gone through kidney failure twice. The first time in 2000, my mother donated a kidney; and again in 2008, I'm on dialysis waiting for a breakthrough in immuno-suppression medicines before seeking a new kidney.

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