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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  Caveat Emptor

Doubt Kills Dreams asked "Why buy new, when I could pick up something for 1/3 the cost on craigslist?"

That's a very good question. Here are some of my reasons:

  • By buying new, I can be sure that the bike isn't stolen. From what I've heard in the paceline, many of the bikes stolen in my area end up on craigslist.
  • I can be sure the bike is in mint condition; no cracks in the frame hidden by fresh paint, no worn down rims or brakes that don't work. It's a safety issue for me. If I was short on cash, I probably wouldn't be so picky, but I've got three kids and the money to spare. Bikes don't have (reliable accurate) odometers, so it can be impossible to tell how much wear and tear the bike really has on it.
  • I had $78 in Performance bucks and a Gift card.
  • They offered it at a great price.
  • I was supporting my local bike shop and the economy.

I don't mind buying new when I know I'm going to wear it out. I bought my Cavalier new and put 200,000 miles on it. We considered buying used when we replaced the Cavalier; but, having a warranty, and knowing the maintenance history of a vehicle is well worth the extra money if you're going to put 200,000 miles on it while carrying your kids.

of course, there are a few things I'll never buy used.

  1. Toilet paper
  2. Medicine
  3. Climbing gear

As a side note, a guy I used to work with bought a VCR out on the street one day. They were selling them out the back of a truck in Newark, NJ. That wasn't unusual because it was after all Newark and trucks end up going missing all the time, my friend just assumed it was stolen merchandise. The boxes in the truck looked like new and were all shrinkwrapped. He waited until he got back to the office to open it up and the box contained one brand new ROCK.

ahh, I miss working in Newark...the danger, the excitement...


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Alright dude. I just wanted to look out for ya. I often see that whenever anyone buys their first mtb bike... they are always unhappy once they go about 30 miles worth of trails. Arizona is quite known for the MTB scene. So, I see quite o' few used mtb bikes browsing around.

I don't know if you bought the bike yet. But, I thought I would bring up one other idea. Do you have a cycling group? Usally, people within the cycling group might have somthing for sell...or in fact they may have the possibilty to hook you up with a "trust-able used" mtb bike.

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