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Thursday, November 06, 2008
  Verizon Revenge

I wrote a post awhile ago about Verizon Tech Support. Since then, Our Vonage Phone Adapter stopped working. Vonage blamed the Verizon router as being "overly aggressive" and wanted me to disable the firewall on the Verizon router. Uh no thanks. I've heard what goes on when you have unprotected internet... I'm jiggy with it. I've got the 411.

I'm guessing my MAC would have survived fine without the firewall, but the Vonage tech made it sound like a lot of work and I already have a lot of work to do. We've been without a home phone for about a week. Our calls have been routed to our cell phone which as you can imagine is getting expensive. This week, the router with the Aggro firewall quit working, so Verizon is sending us a new one that was supposed to arrive yesterday.

Speaking of things that broke down in my house...Tuesday morning, I checked my AV Fistula for the pulse, and it was hard as a rock and there was no pulse. My best guess was that it had clotted, so I ran over to the Dialysis clinic and had them take a listen with a Stethoscope. No Joy. Wednesday I went in for some minor surgery to open the Fistula back up. They numbed me up with some local Anesthesia. Then they started shoving pipes down my arm. They called them Cannulas, but I'm pretty sure they were the same stuff I just used to replace the plumbing in my house.

They injected contrast dye in to my veins to see which were blocked up and they determined that my Fistula was scarring over and had reduced flow to a trickle. They gave me something to make me sleepy and then it was lights out for me. They stuck a 4 mm balloon in the site and opened it up and then they took a 6mm balloon and opened up the rest of the vein. I really wasn't supposed to operate heavy machinery or lift heavy machinery afterwards, but I had driven myself there and needed to get home.


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