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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
  Venison Dinner

Around 8:20 this morning, I had this feeling that I should call my wife and tell her to slow down. Things had started off rough for her; she couldn't find the power cord to her computer, she lost her token(which allows her to login to her network at work), and she was running late. Ten minutes later, I got a call from her, she had hit a deer on Old Ox Road, just a couple of miles from home. She was panicky, so I told her to call the cops to get a report filed. Then I went back to eating my Corn Chex.

I dropped RJ off at school and asked TG if we should rescue mommy...TG blew me a kiss, so off we went.

I went down Old Ox to 28 and didn't see her, so I just assumed the cop had let her go and she finished her errands. I went home. ABL showed up later in Zinger's truck. Apparently, she took the long way home to avoid making a left hand turn out of Verizon (yeah, we almost didn't buy our house because ABL didn't want to make the left onto Crestview without a light). So, I hadn't gone far enough when I went down Old Ox.

I had been thinking it was just a little bit of sheetmetal damage, something I might be able to bang out. I truly wasn't prepared for the utter destruction to come. The front right side of the vehicle was crushed in. The deer had pushed the grill into the radiator and the Escape was bleeding gatorade colored coolant. The hood wouldn't open, so I couldn't really tell how bad the engine bay was. Most likely, the radiator and fan were up against the engine block. She started up, but I won't drive her any farther than I have to. Luckily, ABL crashed about two blocks from a body shop that I've used before and had a great experience. So, we'll try to get the Escape to limp over there later today.

ABL is fine, but she's shaken up. I think mostly because she had a bunch of hunters pull over and fight over the deer, before they slashed it's throat (why she looked, I'll never know). Then they threw it in the back of a pickup truck. No sense in letting it go to waste...

Since she can't drive a manual transmission, I'll be her chauffeur for the next week or so...Zinger has pictures, so check the link above, I don't know when he's going to post them.


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First of all, anyone trying to leave Ashburn in the morning knows traffic sucks. Loudoun County Parkway was backed up and trying to make a left onto it would have been difficult and I would have sat there for a long time. Second of all, Waxpool leaving Ashburn was heavy and slow. So I decided to jump on the Greenway and take it one exit up to Old Ox. Big Big Big mistake. If I was more patient person, Bambi and the RAAM Mobile would both be alive right now. Lou did leave out the part where I was dumpster diving for the new cert key for the WAP that morning. Yes, yesterday sucked but I did get a well deserved Happy Meal.
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