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Friday, September 12, 2008
  What Makes You Think She's A Witch?

I wanted to write about the food I'm feeding my baby. I had this whole long diatribe prepared on why it looks like fish food. All of you parents out there know it's true, that baby rice looks like fish food...

If after writing about fish food/baby food and I didn't like what I had written, I had another post prepared in my head about all the weight I'm losing...I've been leaving dialysis at 68.4 Kilos. That is 150.8 for those like myself who are metrically challenged. I had to struggle in '06 and '07 to get anywhere near 155. I don't think I've seen the scale stop at 150 since high school; pass it by on it's way to 190, but not stop there.

Instead, I'm going to talk about Newt Gingrich's plan, "Drill Here, Drill Now..." The woman who called me asked me to listen to a short message by Newt Gingrich and to stay tuned afterwards for a short survey. Gingrich blamed high oil prices on the democrats saying they were against off-shore drilling and strip mining in the Rockies. Then Newt talked about the Big Bad Chinese drilling for oil right off of the coast of Florida. After Newt was done, I expected to answer a few questions about my preferences, instead the man on the other end asked me,"Do you think Congress should act immediately on the energy crisis?"

(No, I want them to wait a really long time to fix the energy crisis.)"Of course I want them to act now."

He responds, "That's great, Newt would like to count on your support and for a $300 donation, you get blah blah blah."

I respond, "I want Congress to act now, but I want them to support Alternative Energy"

He responds, "Are you aware that Gas would be $2 a gallon if it weren't for a few liberal politicians?"

Before I can ask why the 30% Residential Solar Tax Credit hasn't been renewed yet (it expires at the end of the year), he's hung up on me. How Rude! I listened politely to Newt, I expect the same courtesy...

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it's not about listening to YOUR thoughts, it's about listening to THEIR propoganda. There is no reason that more drilling will make gas prices DROP, gas prices will DROP when the oil companies stop making 10B$/quarter profits.

Note that is PROFIT, not REVENUE... Profit is what you get AFTER you spend on all your liabilities.

Maybe Newt can take some of the profit he's made from the oil companies and subsidize your missing 300$ donation?
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