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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

John Hughes, the Managing Dictator Director of the UMCA had his contract renewed for 6 years. Part of me is surprised; after all, his recent tenure has been characterized by criminal conduct, lying, unethical behavior, and sheer incompetence. But the other part of me knows he had handpicked the Board for just this moment. If you haven't been following the UMCA Drama check out this site.

So, with great regret, I quit the institution that helped nurture my early interest in Ultracycling. I can no longer in good conscience support an organization with such a corrupt leader. I resigned from the UMCA. So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...


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Yea, I know what ya mean. There is all this weird agenda crap. I've had my years dealing with political issues with team sports in high school, college running/track, and this UMCA-RAAM thing feels exactly the same as childish high school, college running/track sports drama. I hate political crap to being with. When Mavis was threatened I was really pissed off, and thought wow this UMCA sounds like a communistic group. Why would they threaten Mavis? That’s super low…seriously. They should answer the women, not blow her off! JESUS…Whatever, grump old men have their own weird ego issues.
Even from the beginning I never felt like being apart of the UMCA is critically vital. If you don’t understand how to race ultra ASK THE PEOPLE WHO DO ULTRA’S DUH! Why do you think we put blogs on the internet?

Anyhow, I don't like receiving a magazine that tells me of how people abuse their bodies just to make some ridiculous award...that quite frankly no one gives a damn about.
I've always thought that UMCA, and RAAM should be not connected with each other.
RAAM can support itself...if they make more challenges like the 1000 mile they put on. They don't need UMCA’s "communist governing support".
RAAM is the only reason I dare to challenge myself into the unknown of ultra. Not to ride 10,000 miles a year, and be awarded for such a weird achievement of “trashing my body” award.

Good grief.

I'm torn because I'm going agianst Chris, Mavis, and all of the others with racing RAAM due to the UMCA connection.

I'm just simply torn.
nobody will notice
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