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Sunday, July 13, 2008
  Gone Ridin'

I met up with CM on Saturday and his son G. I loaned him my trailer for G then we set out East on the W & OD. We stopped in Vienna for the train car, then again in Arlington for the train car there (near where 4 Mile Run Trail Splits off), then we stopped at a playground a mile or two down the road.

We went to the beginning (or end depending on your point of view) of the W & OD and then turned around. Around Falls Church, CM was a hurtin' puppy (low on salt/cramping), so we switched the trailer over to my bike for the mile or two ride in to Vienna, where we got bread at Great Harvest. CM's wife picked them up at Bikes At Vienna and I finished the ride alone. While at Bikes at Vienna, there was a couple there, discussing their new purchase of a tandem (I'm not even sure if they test rode it) which went something like this, "And when we're not riding it, the girls can ride it with their boyfriends..."
Yeah right, keep on dreaming lady.

On a side note, ABL would like you all to know that while I was out enjoying myself she was struggling to take our three kids to get their photos taken at JC Penny, and it was really hard. On the plus side she got to nail some kid in the head with a door. (Mommy and Aunt decided to take the kid into the bathroom to change clothes and they put the kid right up against the door. Nevermind there was plenty of room and about a dozen chairs in the bathroom, they wanted to change him right there at the door. Poor kid.)


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