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Friday, July 18, 2008

On the recommendation of another Blogger - Frugal Dad, I took a look at CashCrate. The idea is you sign up, fill out a couple surveys and CashCrate will pay you anywhere from 25 cents to $1.75. The first survey I tried was extremely long, probably 30 or 40 pages of questions. It opened up several windows in the background for other surveys I could do. At some point, presumably after they've gotten all the information they wanted, the continue button doesn't work, meaning the survey can't be completed and they don't have to pay.

I tried a couple more surveys and each eventually go to a point where they wanted me to enter a credit card for a "free trial", but it was after they asked for personal information (name, birthday, email address). The surveys were supposed to be 100% free offers, versus the ones where they tell you upfront they'll be asking you to sign up for something.

In all, I think I tried 5 of these free surveys and I was using an email address I set up for Cashcrate. In two days, I've gotten over 125 emails (this address is brand new and was only made available to the 5 surveys and Cashcrate). If I had filled out enough surveys to make the minimum $10 payment, the email onslaught would be exponential. Yeah, definitely not a legitimate service.


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I had the same experience. I think Frugal Dad is just pushing the site so he can get referral money.
I have to say that my experience has been nowhere near what you're saying. I've already reached payout in 2 days, and I've gotten only maybe 10-15 emails total since i started.

One thing I've noticed for most of those "free offers" is that you can get credit for signing up just by entering your email on the first page, or by doing the first page of the survey.. If you go further than the first page or two you tend to get more emails than you bargained for - but if you only fill out the first page or so, you don't.

Most of the emails i got were from ones where I kept hitting "next" even when I didn't have to.
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