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Friday, June 13, 2008
  Taos, New Mexico

WE MADE IT! We're in Taos, New Mexico.

Earlier today, we were met by Gary and Jerry Rivera. Who graciously opened their home to us in Chama, NM. They fed us and restocked our supplies and we are forever grateful. We've been looking forward to meeting them since the start of the race.

The climbing started soon after we left Chama. Stephen rode like a champ through the mountains today. We were up over 9000 feet for most of the afternoon and the lack of oxygen was definitely getting to me, but I heard nary a puff from Stephen as he ate it up. We shot some great High Definition Video footage at elevation. Then I got silly and started shooting beefcake stills of the male crew members for a Team Solomon Stephen Bugbee RAAM Calendar (all proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation). I'll save the sneak peeks for Stephen's blog. We're having trouble writing to his blog, by the way, so if his sister is reading this, please drop a line to the Transplant Athlete letting him know the username and password please. Tanks.

We saw sections of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. It's a narrow gauge train that runs over the mountains. My son RJ loves trains, so this picture is for him.

As promised, here is a pic of Stephen in the Shermer's Neck harness.


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I was really proud of being a part of team Soloman. I am especially proud that the neck brace I made helped Steve continue the race and see the road.I would like to acknowledge the Crew of the follow vehicle crew chief John VanDebogart,Jerry veiely,and Dan Fourtin.The stories of overcoming incredible obstacles are endless.We cannot be more proud of Steve and his incredable commitment and hard work to push himself to inhuman extremes to accomplish this goal. I am also very proud to call Steve my friend.Thank you to all of you for making this a truely unforgetable experience!!!
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