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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
  Great Balls O Fire


The Cursa MRSA

I mentioned in an earlier post a rash in my saddle area. I had a week of of suspense waiting for the test results to tell me what it was...The doctor's guess was Bacterial Impetago, but he wanted to make sure it wasn't Herpes. They look the same, but require different treatments. The results came in this morning: Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus aka MRSA. I freaked thinking it was the flesh eating thing and immediately went to the Internet.

Luckily, it's just a stronger form of the normal Staph infection, my male parts are safe. I saw Dr. Dolcich today to get answers and to figure out the course of treatment. I trust Dolcich implicitly. He calmly answered my questions in a way I could understand. Based on my lab results, he recommended Tetracycline (the same medicine teenagers use to fight acne). I dutifully notified my nephrologist of the new medicine; later, I received a call that they didn't want me to take the medication because it interacted with CELLCEPT, and they wanted me to see an Infectious Disease specialist.

Dr. Schmidt ... Ever see "The Italian Job"? I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE! Yeah, My balls are on fire, I have medication that fixes it, I'm not going to wait around for an appointment when I trust Dr. Dolcich. So I set my mind to convincing the Nephro that Tetracycline was the right answer.

So, I did some research on the Internet (granted not as good as the information available to doctors), the list of drugs that interacts with Cellcept was a mile long. Tetracycline was listed along with other antibiotics I've received before. I calmly and rationally discussed the merits of Tetracycline versus the risks to my kidney. {Meaning, I kept the Prednisone HULK under wraps} In the end the Nephro saw things my way. I'm glad he did because I was going to do it my way anyway.

After I got off the call, ABL was laughing hysterically. During my conversation with the Nephro, he made an off hand comment about the severity of the infection and I yelled at him, "My scrotum is on fire."


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Always wash hands after touching hot peppers... especially if you touch yer 'sensitive parts'. This had me laughing quite a bit.

Also, herpes... 1 in 5 american adults has genital herpes, 80% have oral... weeee!!!
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