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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
  Oops, Did I Say That Out Loud?

One of the issues I have with Prednisone is the "Loss Of Contact With Reality" "Extreme Changes In Mood". If you've ever heard Limp Bizkit "Break Stuff" you know that's about what I'm feelin.

I've had a couple instances lately where I've really had to bite down hard on my lip to keep my mouth shut.

Incident One: I was at a General Meeting for one of the bike clubs I belong to, I've been a member since it was first formed and I've been riding with the core group of riders for several years. The whole purpose for the club is to support Randonneuring in the Mid-Atlantic Region, basically the club is dedicated to putting on brevets. Brevets in the US are generally under the jurisdiction of RUSA, who in most cases answers to a club in France. RUSA has appointed Regional Brevet Administrators (RBAs) to organize and supervise events in their areas. Our RBA gave us an Ultimatum, either he was given total control over the club or else he was walking. I wanted to jump up and scream "How dare you, you..." followed by a string of endlessly repeating 4 letter words.
"feelin' like a freight train
first one to complain
leaves with a blood stain"

So, I mostly kept my mouth shut for fear of releasing a prednisone induced tourette's.

Incident Two: I've written about doing penance at Little Gym, waiting for my little Ballerina to get out of her class and me keeping my mouth shut despite the INANE conversations being held by the women also waiting for their ballerinas. It felt like they were purposefully slamming men, and their mother in-laws as if they were baiting me into their conversations, but I kept my mouth shut, none of my business. So, I nearly went off on some random mom at the Little Gym yesterday as she butted into my conversation with a friend.

"Damn right I'm a maniac
you better watch your back
cuz I'm fuckin' up your program"

At 5 milligrams a day, I can control it; at higher dosages, I can't. ABL warned me that if my dosage climbs any higher she will divorce me.

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