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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Since Q loves skiing and we'll likely go more often, I picked up a pair of skis. I had boots, and brought them with me to the store, but apparently, these days when you buy a pair of skis, they charge $15 to $25 to do the adjusting. Ouch. It's been awhile since I've been on skis, so I had to ask, "Is it still just two screws?"

I used Google to find out how to adjust the bindings and the first results I came up with said, "Take them to a certified technician." No disrespect to the certified technicians who spend years mastering the art of adjusting skis, but in the end it's just two screws...Granted, the bindings can be moved slightly forward or backwards, and if the pressure is not appropriate the skis either come off prematurely or not at all and in both cases you could be looking at serious injury. But, if I'm not afraid to rebuild a wheel on a bicycle or the brakes on my car, I shouldn't be afraid to adjust ski bindings.

So, I looked some more on Google and found this site which helps you figure out how much to turn the screws to get the pressure right.

While we were at the store, I asked the salesperson for goggles for Q, so he and Q walked towards the goggle area, while I put the skis down to join them. Before I even got there, Q was running back with pink goggles. She fell asleep with them on during the drive home, it looked really cute.


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What? no pictures of the google sleepiness? I look forward to my first adventure skiing with the little one.. which will be in 2 weeks or so actually.
Stop drinking the kool-aid Google boy.

Wow, I really did type that :( goggle-sleepiness I meant! :)

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