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Friday, January 25, 2008
  Breakin' The Law, Breakin' The Law

My buddy Rich sent me an email reminding me that I used to get in trouble for playing video games, which I didn't remember. The school had strict rules against playing video games, but I took them as more of a suggestion.

After having three kids in the back of a compact car for 3 hours, I called my dad to apologize for all those years of fighting with my sisters in the back seat. While I was relating our adventure to my father, I mentioned that I skiied with RJ, then later with the girls. My dad asked, "What'd you do in the middle? play Video Games?"

Uh-what? So my dad refreshed my memory on all the details. I remember playing Pole Position, but it was pretty much hidden in the basement of the ski lodge, I only played on breaks from skiing, and rarely played more than one game. I was getting in plenty of runs on the mountain, so I didn't see anything wrong with it.

Rich thinks I got busted playing Dragon's Lair, which in 1984 everyone wanted to play. At VV/GG, the game was right out in the middle of the food court so it was impossible to hide while playing. I seem to remember the game cost $1 to play. My dad says it was raining the day I got busted. Rich seems to remember Mr. Taylor (one of our teachers) jumping off the bus and he was so agitated that it freaked my mom out, she thought something happened to me and couldn't believe all the fuss was over a video game.

Apparently, Mr. Taylor was still harboring a grudge the next day because my sister overheard him telling any teacher that would listen about how I had defied him. My dad went to the school and had a little chat with Mr. Taylor...

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