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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
  Lust For Life

After the transplant, I realized I was given time to accomplish a few things.
  • The top of the list was kids, I've got 2 and one on the way. They've surpassed any expectations or preconceived notions I had before I became a parent. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of how amazing they are.
  • Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo helped me see the US at a time that was before I was physically ready, but the perfect time spiritually and mentally.
  • Friends and family helped me compete in the Race Across America first as part of a team and then on my own. In Kansas this year, I realized I had my fill. I might never get a chance to go back, but I'm ok with that.
  • Another goal was to tell the world about this miracle I'd been given in the hopes that others might benefit. After all, I was lucky, when my kidneys failed, my mom was able to donate. I used to say that 65,000 people weren't so lucky and they are on dialysis waiting for a kidney of their own, but the number is going up so fast I've lost track.
  • Then there were things that weren't on the list(they just kind of popped up along the way), but I'm equally proud of: The US and World Transplant Games, Earning an MBA at Maryland, etc.

I've got a few more things to do before I lose this kidney, but I have impressed myself with what I was able to accomplish. In case you haven't guessed yet, I went to the Nephrologist today. My creatinine was 3.5 and 3 months ago it was 2.5. You can see from the graph below that 3.5 works out to about 20% kidney function. Also, because of the curve, future increases mean a smaller percentage drop in kidney function. If my creatinine increases at this rate, I'm guessing I have about 18 months before it fails. I don't think my nephrologist is as optimistic as I am...He said I should start thinking about treatment modalities for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

My GFR works out to be between 21 and 25. That puts me in Stage 4, severe decrease in GFR.

P.S. My EPO still hasn't arrived yet.


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I've gone through kidney failure twice. The first time in 2000, my mother donated a kidney; and again in 2008, I'm on dialysis waiting for a breakthrough in immuno-suppression medicines before seeking a new kidney.

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