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Sunday, October 21, 2007
  RAAM 2007 Video

I received my copy of the RAAM 2007 Video yesterday and I'm pretty disappointed. They used DVD-Rs to copy the video. That means this video won't work on all DVD players, and it may work intermittently on others. I have had very few problems with DVD-Rs in my DVD player, but this DVD quit three or four times while watching it and would not allow any functions (menu, previous chapter, pause, stop, etc.). I had to remove the DVD and restart (rebooting would have worked). This really ruined the experience for me.

The content was great though. There were four quick flashes of me and my crew, but it seemed like Allen Larsen was able to cover everybody at least briefly. He was able to explain the essence of RAAM, so someone watching would be able to understand what was going on. The addition of the doctor commenting on the Race was unique.

I think the only controversy they dug up was some smack talk by Jure Robic and other europeans against their American competitors.

While watching the video, a part of me wanted to race again, but the RAAM obsession that has gripped me since my transplant surgery has definitely subsided. The point is moot though with a hematocrit around 27, there's no way I could race.


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Lou, I've forwarded this comment from Allen.
Jeff Stephens
RAAM Management Team


Thank you for your glowing review of the RAAM 2007 Video, I really appreciate it. It represents a lot of work. I agree that DVD-R format is less than perfect. In a perfect world, all players would have no problem with any of the DVD formats. That perfect would also have the vast majority of the population enthralled with RAAM, DVD sales and network TV would cover the race, we’d all be on cloud 9 and you and I would be racing again. However, the world is far from perfect and the unfortunate reality is that DVD-R is the only logical choice for small production runs. It’s just not practical to produce standard DVDs for such a small market, it’s just cost prohibitive. Let’s find contentment in the fact that RAAM is still out there at all and be thankful that the current management hasn’t done away with video altogether to keep the race afloat.

Allen Larsen
Cascade Productions
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