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Friday, September 21, 2007
  Now If Only I Can Get ABL To Take 6 Months Off...

I dropped Q off at Preschool and then took RJ to his munchkateers class at the Community Center. I dislike the one hour classes, I don't try to make friends with the mommies, I keep to myself. I thought it was going to be a really crappy day, I had a little over an hour between the end of RJ's class and picking up Q at preschool. RJ and I rolled over to the Great Harvest Bread company for slices and I thought I hope my kids have great memories of me pulling them around town when they grow up.

After bread, I gave RJ the choice - playground or library. He chose the Library, so we rolled over there and ran into Michele, Vernon, Tala, Grace and Willow. They had left Portland, Oregon 6 months ago to bike here for the Encampment to Stop The War in DC, which culminates with a March On Washington on Sept 29. Grace and Willow are 2 year old twins, they sit in a trailer behind Vernon. Tala is 11 years old and rides a single bike, although she started the ride on a tag-along. Michele pulls a BOB trailer with gear. I think all the bikes were loaded with panniers. When I found out they had ridden 4500 miles I had to shake his hand.

He said they were pretty set for gear, the things he needed I didn't have, but I did go home and pick up some Gatorade powder, Hammer Bars, A couple new 700c tires, a tube, lube, and fresh handlebar tape.
His 38 tooth chainring was shot, one of the hubs on the kids trailer was shot, and both hubs squeaked when wet, he was also in need of tubes for the kids trailer, but I didn't have anything that could help them. He's been car-free for many years and he vowed to stay on a bike until our boys come home. I was in awe, crossing the country fully loaded is a serious accomplishment, doing it to end the war is even more amazing. I wish them safe travel.


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Not going to happen. I do not camp. I like indoor plumbing. I'll stay home and paint the house :)

PS Leave my crossword puzzles alone :)
In all those miles had they come up with a plan on how to stop the war? Other than just pulling out (to what effect?), I haven't heard any of these "patriots" come up with a reasonable plan to follow...
Winning the war makes a lot of sense to me...
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