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Thursday, September 27, 2007
  Little Miss Road Rash

I was pulling the kids home in the trailer yesterday and took a turn at about 20 miles per hour, exiting the apex I was brought to a crashing halt and I heard the sound of cloth scraping along the pavement. Seconds later Q was screaming in pain. The trailer had tipped over, RJ was on top of Q and they were both agitated. I righted the trailer and Q showed me her elbow and her knee, she was bleeding and she let me know it. I pulled the bike over to the shoulder and looked at the red patches. There were two quarter sized holes in the clear plastic window she had fallen onto and the tire casing on that side of the trailer had split wide open. I couldn't get her to stop crying, so I took off for home to get her cleaned up. She kept saying, "Promise me we'll never take the bike again daddy."

I got her cleaned up with a little hydrogen peroxide, oh boy did she hate that. It looks like it mostly just took off the top layer of skin, so she should heal quickly. Then because she had her pouty face on, I let her eat lunch in front of the TV. We have hundreds of miles on the trailer without an accident, so I think she'll get back in, but I'll have to replace the tire first.


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I'm glad Q was OK! I tipped the Burley for the first time last week but it was on my way to pick the kids up. I hit a bump in a corner where the trail changed from gravel to concrete. I think if the kids were in it it wouldn't have tipped.

I nearly tipped it when our oldest was 3 months old and it was my first time pulling it. I looked back and the trailer kept going up on one wheel but never went all the way over. It freaked me out. I had her infant car seat strap in so I think she would have gotten scraped if it went over but still wouldn't have been good.
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