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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
  Man Boobs, Cutting In Line, And An Overdose Of Elmo

This past weekend, I took the FAM to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA for a vacation. I used my Marriott Points for a free hotel room (love Courtyard by Marriott). It's been a long time since I've been to any amusement park that wasn't under the Disney umbrella, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. First of all, it has a mix of water park activities and dry rides, so most people were in bathing suits. I saw a ton of "#1 DAD" t-shirts stretched over some incredibly large bodies. Which prompted me to think, wouldn't it be nice to create a company (Victor's Secret) to supply lift and separation for all those wayward man-boobs?

Probably 50% of the women were pregnant, which is good news if you are into that sort of thing...I happen to think pregnant women are beautiful, and ABL especially so...Speaking of which...

Despite many written warnings not to cut in line, the practice was rampant, and rudeness was the order of the day. Say what you want about Disney, they know how to make a queue. We were standing on line for the lazy river and making ok progress, when an employee came down and asked us to move the line (we were still outside the corral), mass chaos ensued as people went from an orderly line to a blob. We lost several places in line. About halfway through the line two women (my age or older) pushed their way through and I told them there was no cutting. They said they weren't cutting, someone was holding a place for them. Since that wasn't allowed either, they asked, "Is that your rule?" I replied that it was written all over the park and they said, "Well I didn't see it." And they pushed my kids out of the way. The lines weren't really that long, but with the chaos, line cutting, and lack of diversions they seemed longer.

Q's favorite attraction was the cargo net tower, there were cargo nets angled from one platform to the next and cargo net tunnels, which were very hard on my knees, but a lot of fun. RJ liked the small water slide which he called "Ernie and Bert fishing"

We were using this as a dry-run for Disney later this year and here's what we learned.

  1. We are definitely flying - 2 hours of "are we there yet?" will be much easier on my nerves than 14 hours of "Are we there yet?"
  2. We are staying on the property - This way we can quickly and easily get back to the room for lunch (the kids wouldn't eat any of the food at the park) and a nap (they were so worn out by 2pm that they couldn't go any more).

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