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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
  I Say We Take Off And Nuke The Entire Site From Orbit

In the middle of the election, Joe Jamison quit the UMCA. He was so fed up with the bickering and apparently Fred Boethling threatened the Board with a lawsuit that he resigned his position on the Board, withdrew from the election, and quit the UMCA. The Managing Director then commented on what a sad day it was and we should all be ashamed of ourselves for driving Joe out of the UMCA.

After the election results were counted, Joe quietly accepted a seat on the Board. Nobody has been able to explain why. To my knowledge, Joe has never recanted his statement. He has never apologized, no one in the Board or the Managing Director will answer questions about his resignation. Joe Jamison needed to "Man Up" and not accept the position, but that would have allowed Chris Kostman to get on the Board and John Hughes does not want that.

Now, Joe Jamison has gone from being a quitter to the President of the UMCA Board. John Marino would like to be included in the Board meeting where they discuss the recent election. Joe is requiring John Marino to write a letter, get it notarized and send it by USPS describing exactly and in detail what UMCA bylaws were broken. This sounds like John Hughes ("It may have been unethical, but I didn't break any rules") is trying to set the playing field as well as delay Marino until after the Board meets. It's funny how rules are used when they are convenient and discarded when they are not.

Chris Kostman recently reminded me that there is one more position open on the Board. The 15th seat was supposed to be appointed by a vote of the RAAM Qualifier Race Directors at the same time as the main election, but that position is still open, nearly a year later. Once again showing corruption or incompetence.

When will this end? In my humble opinion, we need new leadership in the UMCA to wipe the slate clean, "Under New Management" style to wipe away the sins of the past and move forward. If John Hughes and the Board continue to operate in business as usual mode, the UMCA will not survive. I see John Hughes piloting this one into the ground and wondering where the hell the ground came from.


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