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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
  The Final Miles

As I entered Walsh, Colorado, I felt like a switch had been thrown and my body refused to push any farther. My legs were able, but I'd run out of gas. I had plenty to eat, so I wasn't bonking, I had plenty to drink, so I wasn't dehydrated, but my specific gravity strips started coming up as if I was dehydrated. I took a break under a mulberry tree.

When I started up again, I was using every mental trick I knew to get me to the Kansas border. So, we stopped several times, and we had a longer break when we got to the Kansas border, I had Scooter and my dad take some pictures, as I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to be crossing any more state borders as an official racer in the 2007 Race Across America.

The real test meant getting to a time station in Kansas. If I didn't hit a time station in Kansas, then I officially only made it to Colorado. Here is a picture at the border

And one with my mom, her kidney made it all possible.

My neck muscles were pretty shot at this point, so you can see my head tilted down a bit in both pictures.


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I love that picture. I may be all mixed up, but my brain is convincing me that I remember that silo in the picture at the Kansas boarder during RAAM '05. I swear we did a rider transition right there.
What I'm sure of (and will never forget) is that storm we were trying to outrun as the black clouds came rolling at us and the wind pushed us along at an effortless 30-35 mph.
Congrats on a good ride and hope your tests all come out well.
I think you're right Martin, we did have a transition there in 05.


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