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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  Steaming, Boiling, Cooking Hot

All day we've seen tiny lizards skittering across the stark sun bleached soil as dust devils seem to constantly form, whip the surrounding dirt into angry formation for a bit and then dissipate until a new one starts all over again a little further down the horizon.

The day began with us in the follow vehicle crew realizing we had a sharp screw embedded in one of our rear tires. As it was only a matter of time before something bad might happen, we were lucky to be near civilization where we found a garage that was able to effect a repair at 7:45am. By 8:05am we were back on the road.

Lou is doing his best but he's fighting a relentless enemy today. The few times I got out of the relative air conditioned heaven of the follow vehicle to take pictures and shoot video was like stepping out into an angry sauna. Lou is capable of taking a great deal of punishment, and it looks like the forces of nature themselves are curious to see if he has a breaking point today.

I'm reminded of a line from the movie DUNE (which both Lou and I have a fanatical appreciation of) -- ARRAKIS WAS CREATED TO TRAIN THE FAITHFUL.

Today, Arizona is the desert world conspiring to test the mettle of a faithful athlete and the crew and family who are working to serve his goal.

If you're reading this, be sure to drop a few helpful comments to Lou as he's checked your messages and laughed out loud while reading them. Peter Pan asked for your belief to help bring Tinkerbell back to life, so a little love certainly couldn't hurt here.

Scooter McCrae, reporting from Hell's boiler room.

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Please tell Lou regarding the tire incident.... "Not with my ship you don't!" He will understand the trekkie reference.
-da Wife
Don't make me come out there and chase you with an air-conditioned taxi to keep you going! Don't worry, I'll drive with the doors open so you get a breeze.
I saw Wheeler and Jacque last night at a Conte's dinner. I couldn't give them a full update as those around stopped me when I got to the part about "intestinal distress"... Hope those problems are "behind" you now.
They both wished you well. Kick it up a cog, crank the tunes, settle in and get that bike moving! It's GO time!
Hey SlashR - maybe if you showed up with some Vitos it would help his motivation.....
-da Wife

We are following you on-line again. Keep up the great work!!

See you on the east coast.

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