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Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey There you blog-reading folks with big ambitions and even bigger hearts; Team Lamoureux is looking for a few good folks to help us out in the days ahead by joining the follow-vehicle team -- WE NEED DRIVERS!

This weekend we're going to be losing a number of folks from the team that's been helping push Lou forward to the point he's thus far achieved. These good people were unpaid volunteers; friends, supporters and even family who joined the cause to see Lou (literally) chase his dream on a thin pair of spinning wheels.

So, what are YOU doing next week starting this coming Saturday, June 16th?

Feeling tireless? Wanna see first-hand a human being pushing himself to the limits of his physical endurance? Feel the need to be part of a group effort that's larger than any individual member alone can provide?

Oh -- and do you have a driver's license?


We'll be passing through El Dorado, Kansas, around 6pm on Saturday and we'd love to have some new recruits join us in our quest. Hey, your friendly neighborhood videographer will be along for the ride till the very end, as will Lou's very dedicated and tireless parents.

Please contact us via this blog or Lou's cellphone at (703) 303-3817 (don't worry, he won't answer if he's riding!) if you're available and willing to suffer for a good cause.

Hey, look at the bright side. You'll be doing something cool and hanging out with some nice people in a common cause.

Scooter McCrae, reporting. And recruiting, dammit!

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Thanks for the updates. I wish that I could come and help drive, but work just won't allow it.
Is Lou still racing "officially"? If so, what have they told you about the time cutoffs?
Keep turning those cranks over Lou, you are an inspiration in perserverance!
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