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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  A New Day Begins

Tuesday morning and we're creeping up on the time station at Williams. Thirty miles to go and counting as Lou pedals in the early post-dawn dappling of vibrant sunlight that creates a lively orange rim around the edges of everything tall enough to receive its blessings.

Matt, a new crew person for the race to chew-up and spit-out, arrived late last night after the idiots at the airline he was traveling with misaligned the connection between his two flights that created a 7 minute gap between them which left him stranded at the airport. Apparently, after a long delay, his airline told him that the fact that they didn't hold the connecting plane after endlessly delaying the first one was his problem and not theirs.

But of course. Heck, I could have told him that!

Silly passenger.

I suspect that sitting in a car for 36 hours at a time without proper food or shower access will seem like a picnic after dealing with that kind of stupidity. At least here he'll be among friends.

By this point, Lou has once more earned my humble respect and had the title SUPER HUMAN bestowed upon him by yours truly. I've seen much more of the back of his head than his face since this race started and there's still an energetic spring to the up-and-down piston-snap of his pedaling that is shocking even at 9am EST this fine morning.

In fact, let me extend that admiration to not only my teammate but to everyone who has made if this far. It's a damn impressive physical achievement and is the product of a perspicacity of internal vision that is difficult to describe, especially in my exhausted state.

Looking forward to seeing where the rest of this day takes us now that the deliciousness of the two hours of sleep I got while curled-up amongst the coolers, empty bottles and video equipment in the back seat of the follow-vehicle gives me a burst of much-needed energy.

Twelve miles to the interstate and counting.

Scooter McCrae, reporting.

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What no song lyrics Scooter????
I was hoping for some Boy George Karma Chameleon in honor of all the reptile.

Hey Lou... Pedal fast.. kids and I miss you.
-da Wife
"Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and, like all of man’s values, it has to be earned." -AR

"The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed." -SK

Lou, be proud as you make your way across the desert. You have earned it and then some.

You need about 13mph from here to Cortez. Keep the music and legs pumping. You can do this!
TGL '05
Lou, just keep pedaling and you'll be fine. The worst of the heat should be over for a few days. I'm thinking of you out there. Monument Valley is a cruise and it's beautiful.

Our hearts and minds are out there with you ..... are legs and butts are not!
Scooter McGee,
What's up? You been off the air for 24 hours. You awake? How's Lou?
Ok, I really didn't want to have to use this...
But Aunt Toni is coming out to blast the Sound of Music Soundtrack. That will light some fire under Lou.
-da Wife
Lou your an animal, eat your pasta, be the "DRAGON" and don't forget to put on your helmet at night...Lou's crew listen up...4 quick things. 1.DO not leave Lou stranded at any McDonalds...2.You want to light a fire under Lou??? stop at your next music store and buy a copy of Jay Z's Black album...3.beware of the evil chiggers in Kansas at night. 4.stop for all small town parades....Allright Lou, brush that dirt off your shoulders, put your smarts on the outside of your garments and remember you got 99 problems but this ain't one.

From the Capital where we murder for Capital...haha.. Stay strong brother, see you in Jersey
Confined to the edit room as I am, I find I've grown addicted to these blog entries! What's up Scooter, why no post today? I am going through withdrawal. Lou, hang in there! Joe and I are routing for you!!
I got a vm that cut in and out that said that Lou was ok but in an area without signal. I'm having a seizure just thinking about not having internet connectivity.

-da Wife
Lou, like the Super Sounds of the Seventies Weekend, just keep on truckin'!!! --SlashR
Are you buzzard bait? Have you gone into a red bull trance? Can we get an update, pretty please???
I know that crewing is a tough job, make sure you keep him safe (by now he ain't thinking right, even if he thinks he is).
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