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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  Good Question

So where do you go from here? I know you are probably still unpacking from this adventure, but I think you do have one more year of eligibility based on your team RAAM finish. Are you considering giving this another go, or is it time to get back to the "real life"?
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That's a good question. The answer depends on a couple things.

  1. First and Foremost, it depends on what my Nephrologist has to say. If I've done damage to the kidney then I won't be racing solo RAAM anymore. My kidney function has declined gradually over the 7 years that I've had it, so if the Doc's say no more RAAM (to preserve the function I have left), then I'm done as a racer. I'll crew, officiate, volunteer at a time station but no more racing. I have an ultrasound and a blood draw scheduled for early July, then a DR. appointment shortly after that, so we'll all know soon enough.
  2. I promised ABL no solo RAAM next year, but I'd like to crew for a solo or team.
  3. After next year, it depends on ABL, my family situation, and my financial situation. When I do RAAM, my wife gets deported to her parent's house and she isn't that keen on being away from home for 3 weeks at a time. We're also trying to have a third child, so the timing may complicate things. Also, as most people know, RAAM is incredibly expensive. I haven't had much luck raising funds to offset the costs.
  4. As much as I love RAAM, it's incredibly tough to train for it, so I would like to be able to just kick around on the bike riding a century here and there. I'll probably close out this year with a couple of 24 hour events, I'd like to take this RAAM fitness for a spin before I lose it.

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