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Thursday, June 14, 2007
  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Greetings Everybody!

The mountains of Utah and then Colorado kept the wireless internet signal from coming anywhere near our shared laptop computer, so we've been far quieter than we intended to be.

To briefly fill you in on what you've missed, Lou got exhausted and was out of the race. Then he got energized and is back in the race.

Certainly it's all a bit more complicated than this, but for now that's the long and short of it and all that matters right now is that I'm looking at the back of Lou's head from the follow-vehicle as he goes flying out of Durango and heads into Pegosa Springs here in Colorado.

Lou's spirit has been energized these last 48 hours and his enthusiasm and will-power have been the main fuel that's been powering his bike-battered body as he goes hurtling over the white-lined blacktop.

Memo to Utah: speaking as the cameraperson welded to the passenger seat with a camera mounted on a tripod, the quality of your road work leaves much to be desired. Far too many bumps when I'm trying to get the best footage I can.

Otherwise, a lot of beautiful countryside has been trickling past our collective windows and everyone is united in the cause of seeing Lou crossing the finish line into the gambling haven known as Atlantic City (aka: Frantic City to those of us raised on old FLINTSTONES cartoons).

Scooter McCrae, reporting.

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Keep going Lou! Good to hear you're still in the race!
Lou - Keep going. DC Randonneurs are pulling for you. -Jeff
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