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Thursday, May 03, 2007
  UMCA Elections

I am really amazed at the shenanigans going on within the UMCA. A friend asked me not to post to the Topica list because he was afraid my messages would get lumped in with others and that could negatively affect my chances of winning a Board Seat (basically, there's a lot of shit flying around and he didn't want me to get caught in the crossfire). So, here's the latest.

Recently, John Hughes contract was published online and as part of his compensation, he gets a license to use the UMCA logo for clothing and other items, he gets several pages of advertising per month, and any back issues of ULTRACYCLING that are sold line his pockets. He has not disclosed this before and made a partial disclosure in the most recent issue. Also in the most recent issue, Joe Jamison proposed a resolution saying JH has done a great job in 8 years. WTF? Why?

The RAAM Marketing guy, Jeff Stephens requested and was given a list of the UMCA members, he then created a mailer that was supposedly written by Lee Mitchell, and mailed out the letter to all the UMCA members. JH and Jeff claim that the list was limited to the partial list of people who've allowed their contact info to be published. However, several people have reported that letters have gone out to people on the full list, which is not supposed to be available. I haven't seen this letter personally, my name must have been left off of the list. It's important to note that John Hughes does have an ownership stake in RAAM, which might explain Jeff's involvement.

The elections have been delayed for months. The most recent issue of ULTRACYCLING has the candidates statements and John Hughes felt a need to add an editorial comment on Seana Hogan's statement, but only Seana's statement. Why?

Doug Sloan, who I am voting for, put out a call for JH's resignation or expulsion and I agree with many of the issues. You can see his post here. It's an entertaining read.

Joe Jamison responded by implying that all of JH's critics are liars who should be afraid that JH will file charges of libel against us. Joe also brought up the fact that the Board passed a resolution saying JH has done a good job...AH, now that resolution he proposed makes sense. He claims "admirable" growth in the UMCA membership. Again, I would characterize the use of the word "admirable" as optimism run amuck.

Based on past elections, I would say that JH and his admirers will likely remain in power and retain the status quo. If we do however manage to change the balance of power, I predict a new renaissance for the UMCA.


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I haven't posted anything on Topica because honestly I can't figure out what the truth is. I've ridden with John Lee Ellis and Fred Boethling. They both seem like really good guys. They both were involved with the RAAM deal and friends of JH. Yet the whole election being so late seems so wrong. Seana has JH's employment contract on her website and I can't belive anybody on the BOD in good conscience could approve it. Then there's the issue of life members not being eligible to vote if they don't sign a membership form. If you're a member, you should be allowed to vote.
I think that's part of the problem...We don't know what the truth is and that has colored every action the Board has taken since the RAAM vote. That's why a simple resolution to praise John Hughes looks like Propaganda. That's why Jeff Stephens getting the UMCA mailing list after several weeks and Cindi Staiger getting it after several months looks like an attempt to subvert the election process. Also, reread the Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb, and Mar-Apr issues of ULTRACYCLING and count how many times the phrase "When I became director..." appears. The first section of the magazine is wasted by John Hughes explaining how much better things are these days and answering charges against him. If only a small minority are disgruntled as he claims, why is he wasting the ink?

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