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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  Steve Born's advice

So, Steve Born gave a talk on nutrition for PBP and since he's done RAAM several times and he works for Hammer Nutrition I pestered him with a few questions.

The first was the all liquid diet during RAAM, which should probably be on "Mythbusters". Veterans will sometimes talk about using an "all liquid" diet during the race. I use Perpetuem, but during really long events, I feel really hungry and almost empty inside, like I need some solid food. So, I feel real inadequate that I can't stomach the "all liquid" diet. I was under the impression that maybe I needed to start using the all liquid diet before the race (meaning instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner drinking my calories). Steve says that very few people actually use an "all liquid" diet and that as long as I use Perpetuem in training I should be fine during the race. He said he prefers to use solid food as a reward, like "get to the next time station and we'll give you a turkey sandwich" kind of reward. I've been pretty successful rotating powerbars, hammer bars, clif shot bloks, and perpetuem, so I'm always getting some food in different forms.

I've also been worried about my body fat percentage, using the altitude tent, I dropped a few pounds, which I wasn't aware was a side effect. Last year there was a coach making his athlete eat Lard and other heavy calorie foods to bulk up 6 kilos (13 pounds) before RAAM so that he would have enough fat stores to complete the race. I don't really want to be carrying an extra 13 pounds over the Rockies. He assured me that I would be ok at 10 - 12 percent bodyfat. He's started RAAM at that percentage and was able to finish.

He also told me to take the 600 km brevet really easy and then once I get home to not even touch the bike. If I do touch the bike to just spin easy in the small chainring. Works for me. I've got a ton of bike and house maintenance to do.

He's also sending me a Hammer Kit (jersey, shorts, etc) and some Hammer Bars for the race.


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Steve has been a huge help to me over the last several years. I think I got at least 70% of my calories from Perpetuem during RAAM last year. You probably read it but if not I did write about my Race Across America Nutrition. Watermelon is OK but it's not one of my favorite foods but in the desert it was the best thing. My crew would cut it and put it in a zip-lock baggie. Then they'd put it down in the ice in the cooler. Nothing like ice cold watermelon in a dried out mouth in the blazing heat.
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