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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When ABL told me she had to go to Colorado on business, I panicked. Several days alone with the kids? I wasn't sure I could do it by myself. I take care of them during the day, but nighttime is ABL's turn. She knows what they eat, and they are picky (my fault).

After calming down, I realized I could take them to McD's on Sunday, which would make them miss their mommy less. Then ABL told me about a playdate at the Loudoun Gymnastics organized by one of the mothers in Q's class. Sure I thought, that would keep them busy on Monday and then Q has school on Tuesday, and then mommy is home on Wednesday...

First of all, if I was a kid, Loudoun Gymnastics would be the bomb. As a parent though, I'm thinking...Lots of high places to fall off of - they need railings!!!! (what's wrong with me?). I'm not sure why, but RJ wasn't really happy to be there. It could have been all the other parents, or it could have been all the other kids, but I had to coax him into the bouncy castle. I then took him up to the rope swing, but he didn't want to do that either. I put him on the trampoline and he started laughing and having fun, so we went onto the really long trampoline and I chased after him. I landed near him, near the end of the trampoline and he pitched forward onto the tramp and then started crying. He was grumpy for the next 45 minutes and wouldn't put any weight on his foot. After nap time his condition hadn't improved and a bruise had developed on his leg. I took him to the ER and the doc ordered x-rays for his lower leg. After about an hour, he said it was probably just a sprain. I showed him how RJ wouldn't put any weight on his leg, so he rotated RJ's ankle, knee, and then checked out his hip. He noticed RJ was wincing, so he ordered x-rays for the upper leg and hip area. After about another hour he said it was probably just a sprain, but he ordered a splint for the leg.

My kids are apparently establishing a pattern of needing ER visits when one parent is out of town. ABL freaked when she found out, but he's fine, getting carried everywhere and getting to veg out on the couch to cartoons. That's the life.


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