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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
  New Computer

Ok, both of my computers are hosed. The power cable for the laptop has been spotty for a couple of weeks and it's getting to the point where it's tough to get juice into the batteries. The batteries haven't really been holding a charge, but I don't know if that's another side effect of the bad cable. The batteries are 4 years old and I think they're about ready to give up.

I've been using the desktop, the only thing that really works on it is Firefox. Firefox pushed an upgrade and then I wasn't able to access secure sites, which means I couldn't do any work, email, etc. Format c: and an OS install later and I haven't been able to get the network card working. It would make a good computer for the kids, but ABL insists that we'd have to upgrade the OS to play their games.

ABL's been harassing me to buy a new computer so later today (I'm up past midnight) I may have a new computer to blog with...


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go to tysons, buy a mac laptop (macbook), its the only way to go.
I took a trip into Tysons and I am now the proud owner of a Mac Book Pro. The last time I used an Apple it was to play Lode Runner on a IIC.
-Transplant Athlete.
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