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Sunday, April 22, 2007

On Thursday, David Caples (David and his wife own the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge) informed me that I would be staying at Katie's Light, which is a reproduction of a Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse. The Caples built the house in the early 80's and lived there for a decade. The house was absolutely amazing and I think it must have been a wonderful experience for Katie and Beth Ann growing up there. Like the TARDIS, it's bigger on the inside than the outside. There are actually three bedrooms upstairs and two full baths. The downstairs is an open floor plan with a spiral staircase dead center. On Friday, Jakson and I spent the day painting arrows on the course and posting signs everywhere. Between the maps with the turns written down, all of the painted directions, and literally hundreds of signs, there were still people who complained about getting lost. U*N*B*E*L*I*E*V*A*B*L*E.

When I woke up Saturday morning, the wind was howling and the temperature was 48 degrees. I started out with arm/leg warmers and a jacket, by the first stop, everything had come off and I was baking in the sun. I had left my sunscreen in my car. The Aid stations were fully stocked with water, sports drinks, and snacks. I thought I traveled the farthest to get to the ride, but there was a couple who flew down from Connecticut. I rode the 100 mile event and got dropped from the 1st group, but I was able to stick with the second group. They did have to wait briefly for me at around 76 miles... We covered the distance in 5.5 hours and we spent 30 minutes at the rest stops, so our on bike average was 20 mph.

Some vandals moved some signs and tipped over a porta-potty, but the ride organizers were able to get everything straightened out before the riders got there.

In my next post, I will examine the fashion mistake I have dubbed the mankini but the technical term is a Male Triathlon Sprint Tank top. One word: ewwww.


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