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Sunday, April 22, 2007

In an early episode of Bullrun, the Lambo driver was about to do a high speed slalom and they were interviewing him. He said, "I'm gonna turn off the traction control because I don't want the car to shut down if it gets a little loose." Predictably, the guy steps on the gas and 648 horses spin the lambo like a top...In another episode, Mike Alsop fixes a busted transmission on his 2002 Pontiac T/A out on the highway, so the guy knows cars. He is in a challenge that requires him to bust the back end loose to slide into a pane of glass and he didn't think to turn off the traction control. I'm left wondering if these people actually know what traction control does.

I think I've mentioned that I prefer driving at nght, it's generally cooler and there is way less traffic. I left for the Katie Ride at 2AM on Thursday morning. There's something ethereal about the way the road looks when it's lit by headlights. I think George Miller tried to capture the feeling in MAD MAX when Mel is roaming the wastelands half asleep. I left the Florida this morning at 2AM and didn't really hit traffic until VA, but it was bad. I've been trying to send out peace and love as I drive (mostly to avoid road rage, but also to keep my blood pressure down), but it's tough when some little old lady is hogging the left lane at 55 in a 70...I can drive all night long, but I can't stand driving in traffic during the day.


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