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Monday, February 05, 2007
  Pickin' Up Chicks

My hands get wicked dry in the winter. I've written about that before. I've also written about Aquaphor, the absolute all time best stuff ever invented for dry skin. I usually take my wedding ring off when applying the stuff, or when cooking, or anytime I anticipate getting it gooky. Sunday morning I forgot to put it back on before going to the gym. I had a week's worth of stubble and had changed into cycling clothes to sit on the Life Fitness bike. I had a headband on as well as a generic Breath Right strip on my nose. I probably looked like a whacked out loser. I certainly was the opposite of Euro-chic as exemplified by Signor Cippollini. Which reminds me it's probably time to shave my legs...

I've been going to the gym for several months and the most I've heard coming from the XX set was one woman asking if I was the guy pulling the kids in a trailer around Reston, and the other one told me to just leave my kid in the babysitting class because if I stayed he would continue crying and it would make her kid start crying (said while her underwear-less bum was hanging out of sweatpants - how she did aerobics without them falling down is a complete mystery Scoob).

So I was completely surprised when two women actually spoke to me. One warned me that her heart rate monitor was bleeding over onto the bike I was getting on, but she only had another 10 minutes or so to go. My heart rate monitor was bleeding over on to her display, so I took mine off while she finished her ride. The next woman who sat on that bike freaked out a bit because it was saying her heart rate was in the 160's and she had set it to keep her heart rate around 112. It wouldn't let her do a warmup because it thought she was already warmed up. She then went on to tell me that she used to be a triathlete "back in the day".

Needless to say, ABL was upset in the same way she was when I went to the hospital and all my nurses were hot. I heard her grumble something about guys not picking her up at the gym...

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