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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  Missing R's

My Main machine is a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop that I purchased in 2002. It's still got a lot of life left in it, but it has its problems. The power cable went bad about a year ago and I purchased a new one and now, the part that the cable connects into on the machine is loose. Around the same time, my number keys cut out. I thought it was a virus, but virus scan after virus scan came up clean. Through Google, I eventually found the answer, I had a screw loose. No Jokes please. So I flipped the thing over and tightened every screw on the bottom. My numbers came back, but occasionally they cut out, so I just press on bottom as I press the key and that seems to work.

The casing is cracked in a couple of places, and its been dropped on the wireless card so many times the thing cries for mercy when the kids come anywhere near it. The left mouse button for the mouse pointer broke and now just floats there working when it wants to (kind of like LABCorp). The Space bar popped off, but that popped right back into place. About a week ago, my R key popped off and I worked without it...No I didn't use words that avoided the letter R, I just pressed the exposed metal contraption that the key connected to. We found the key a couple days ago and it doesn't work 100% of the time, so I have to repeat it a couple of times. Quite a pain when you're trying to get a blog out before your kid rolls onto the laptop or comes to tell you they just went potty all over the floor.

ABL thinks I should get a new laptop because Verizon offers a discount on Dells. I think it still works, What do you think? Keep in mind that $2000 could buy a tandem, pay half of the RAAM RV Rental, or fly a bunch of people into San Diego.


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Maybe you could get someone that worked in the Clinton whitehouse to give you some of the "W"s they stole from the computer keyboards there after Gore lost the election.
don't buy a dell, buy and apple. for 1100$ you can get a decent macbook. On the used market you can get a nice powerbook for less than 1k. Get a mac, don't buy another clunky windows contraption that might get virii... and make your number keys stop working :)
I hate Windows and Micosoft, but I've been a WINTEL guy for a long time. I think that's going to change. I'd like to turn my old desktop into a LINUX box (you know when I have the spare time...) and when I do retire this Dell, it'll be for an APPLE.

For the love of all that is holy... we are getting a new laptop instead of that ghetto piece of crap the kids have helped destroy
-da wife
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