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Sunday, January 14, 2007
  Smelly Yellow Phlegm

I rode the Whiskey Springs One Hundred yesterday and I was supposed to ride another century today, but my cough worsened near the end of the ride yesterday. I'll be seeing the doctor on Monday for Antibiotics. I don't want this to progress to Pneumonia again...My training is going to take a hit either way.

The Whiskey Springs One Hundred started out relatively flat and I felt pretty strong. Coming down Whiskey Springs Road, I was trying to stay close enough to Chuck and Crista to be able to ride with them to Lunch, but Chuck was bombing down the descent and I found myself panicking more than once as Chuck blew through the turns at Mach 2. The road leveled out a bit at the bottom and we had a left hand turn. Jeff fell hard trying to make the turn at speed we found him standing by the side of the road, getting the chain back on and looking for damage on himself and his rig. He rode easy into lunch with us, and I think he is ok.

I took an 8 mile (4 miles out and 4 miles back) detour after lunch to get some extra climbing in up Kings Gap. The road was newly paved and held a relatively steady grade from 600 feet to 1250 feet. Because of the weather, I could just make out some farmland through Kings Gap Hollow, but not much else. The rain and cold seemed worse at the top, so I didn't stay long. The last 48 miles were very hilly. The convenience store at mile 76 was closed, so I stretched my water supply to the mid-80's. I rode the last 15 miles sans water (there were no other stores on the route) and at the finish I downed a 32 oz Gatorade from the Exxon C-Store. Total distance was 108 miles and time was around 8.5 hours.


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